Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tragedy! Of the shoe variety

Tragedy has struck my beloved Rocking Horse shoes! I was out for a stroll recently, when my right shoe began to feel oddly loose. When I looked closer, this is what I discovered:

The back strap had broken! I made it home just fine, but the shoes are decidedly wobbly now, and I have to either have them repaired or look at ordering a new pair.

Black RHS (rocking horse shoes) are pretty much a staple of my lolita wardrobe. They go with almost every outfit, and they're surprisingly comfortable - at least, the foam soled ones are! This pair, which I picked up from an eBay seller about four years ago, have gone through huge amounts of abuse: tons of walking, club nights, being stuffed in suitcases and lugged all over the continent, and they're holding up pretty well. At least, until now. The foam soles have gotten a little compressed, and I've scuffed the toes horribly:

Poor babies! Although for four years and countless outings, they're in pretty good shape. Not as bad as my friend Karen, who managed to actually flatten her Montreal RHS to the point where the rest of the sole was even with the cut-out heel part! Impressive stuff.

I have a second pair of RHS, wooden-sole boots in white from Double Decker, which mostly gather dust in a corner, alas. I misjudged the size and they're a bit tight - the hazards of online shoe ordering - and I've never really worn them. Nor have I taken them to a cobbler to be stretched, as I've been promising for two years now. *sigh*  There's also my brown mary janes, which broke a strap last fall, which have been sitting forlornly on a shelf ever since.

Perhaps, with this newest tragedy, I will finally be motivated enough to drag my bag of shoes-in-need-of-help to the nearby shoe shop. A lady can dream!


  1. Oh no! My black RHS have scuffs like that on the front too :(

  2. I don't mind the scuffs, but I really can't walk in shoes that don't have solid straps! I'm just too clumsy >.<