Monday, May 10, 2010

Battle of the Parasols!

Since leaving my cherished Pagoda umbrella at Amsterdam airport back in February, I've been contemplating the purchase of a replacement (or six! a lady can dream, after all...). With my wedding this fall, I'd really like to have a brand parasol for the occasion. I think it would be a nice way to include a lolita touch without being too obvious or over-the-top - and it's a perfect excuse to indulge!

That said, I am utterly stumped as to which parasol I should get. My first instinct is to snag this lovely Innocent World one:

In a bridal ivory, rather than the black (although it is lovely in black!). It would go well with my current wardrobe - most of my cream/brown items are Innocent World - and I quite like the trim, but the shape is not quite perfect. This Baby parasol, on the other hand, has a wonderful pagoda swoop:

Stunning! But what on earth is going on with that bottom row of ruffles? I really wish they'd trimmed it with the same fabric as the other ruffle rows, rather than going with raschel lace. I'm sure it's lovely in person - brand lace tends to be, even the raschel variety - but it just looks a bit odd to me. As a third option, there's the classic Baby parasol with scalloped edges:

Ah! So gorgeous, and I do love the three rows of ruffles. I think this might be my best choice, although I will confess a smidgen of brand loyalty that is pushing me towards the Innocent World option. Which is a bit silly, given that I own almost as much Baby as I do Innocent World! But all my Baby pieces are black, and while I'd love to get both a black AND a white parasol, practicality demands I restrain my greed to a single option.

Any thoughts? I'm not even sure where to look for reviews on the durability of the various brand parasols, there doesn't seem to be much in the egl_comm memories on the topic.

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