Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's in the box?? **


My much-anticipated package arrived yesterday, but I was out, so the post office wound up holding it hostage until today. No customs fees, though - a lucky break! - and only a couple of funny comments about my mini-hat (idk, I was in the mood for a mini-hat today).

Innocent World Angel Crown JSK

At last! This has been one of my dream prints for a few years. I always thought I wanted it in the black colorway, but my tastes are changing (once again) and I found myself drawn to this cream-and-brown version instead. I'm so glad I made that choice! The print is so delicate and lovely, and the fabric is super light-weight. It's going to be the perfect summer JSK.

Of course, buying second-hand has risks - most notably, that items will arrive with damage that was undisclosed in the listing! Can you spot the stain in the above picture? It's at the top of the skirt, just a bit on the side:

Booooo! Stain!

It's not *too* bad, all things considered. Hopefully I will be able to get it out! Although I may just take it to the dry cleaner right off - it's got a musty smell, too, and could probably use a good cleaning.

As a bonus, the JSK came with a lovely matching headpiece, too:

IW Angel Crown headdress

I know they're not very in-style right now, but I do love my headpieces, especially subtle ones like this. It's more like a wide headband than a giant lace *thing* and I think I'll get some nice use out of it as well.

Hooray! I promise to stop with the purely vanity-blogging soon. It just happens that starting this blog coincides with a minor shopping spree - I don't normally buy much, honest! I'm a bit worried, though; I used Japonica for this auction, and their service was so easy to use (and reasonably priced) that I'm going to have a hard time resisting in future!

** Yes, the title is a reference to a Vermilion Lies stage gag. I realize it's probably not nearly as funny if you haven't seen them perform. But it makes me laugh!

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  1. I love this JSK too! I used to have the black one, but it was too small in the bust. It really pained me to have to sell it! The thin headdresses like the one you have up here is just perfect, I would love to see that kind come back into style!