Thursday, April 15, 2010

BtSSB: Name of the Rose re-release

I was really surprised to see the new Name of the Rose items on Baby's reserve page - the print looks almost exactly the same as the version released last spring, and most of the items appear identical as well. It's hard to forget the chunk of black lace spoiling (at least for me!) the front of this otherwise delightful JSK. I'm surprised because Baby doesn't often re-release prints, at least not without making a few tweaks, and because I hadn't gotten the impression Name of the Rose was a sell-out print the first time around. Perhaps I was wrong!

Just like the previous release, I'm tempted, although probably not enough to drop new-brand prices on a piece. I do love the cut of this JSK, however, which seems to be the only new design in the release lot:

It's got a slightly more mature cut to the bodice which I'm loving. Between this design and the new bodice style for the Masquerade Theatre JSK, Baby is bringing out a more mature side of lolita fashion this season which is just great for us Auntie Lolitas :)

Isn't that just to die for? If only I were working enough hours to justify that kind of cash outlay! And of course, if only I had enough to match with navy blue - I think it's the nicest colorway for the Masquerade Theatre print, but it really doesn't go with the rest of my wardrobe. I generally lean towards black, although to be honest, I often find Baby's black prints to be their weakest colorways. Too often, the design looks like it was meant to work with ivory or another bright background color, and the black version winds up employing lots of white patches to make the pattern stand out.

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