Thursday, April 15, 2010

Waiting on the mail...

Perhaps the most frustrating part of lolita shopping is the absolute lack of instant gratification! In many cases, new items must be ordered months in advance of their actual release date, lest your preferred design and color combination be sold out before it even hits the digital shelves. Even when buying in-stock items, either staples from a big brand like Baby, or second-hand through Closet Child or the LJ sales community, there's always a shipping wait. Sometimes it's just a few days, but often, it's a week or more before your cherished new item finally arrives.

And sometimes the wait can be nerve-wracking. Will it fit? Will it look right? For second-hand items, what condition is it really in? And worse still, can I trust the seller? Scams have been an intermittent problem in the LJ sales community, and although it's a small percentage of the dozens of transactions which happen each week, there's always a lurking fear that your precious package will become lost in the mail - or never be sent at all.

Right now, I'm waiting on two packages, one of which (a new Baby necklace, to match my black cameo logo ring) has been sitting in Customs for over a week now, waiting clearance! It's enough to drive a girl to distraction. What on earth can be going on? Did my tiny envelope get lost among a flurry of packages? How can it still just be sitting there, and will it get here in time for my trip next weekend?

It's amusing to me, that lolita feels like such an impulsive, frivolous fashion, and yet there's so much planning and patience that goes into building a really great wardrobe. Frustrating though it can be, I do rather like that element at times: it's a constant reminder that the best things in life are well worth waiting for!

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