Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I hope everyone had a happy holidays! Like most people, I have a few resolutions for the coming year. They're not too exciting, I suppose, but it's always good to have goals to focus on!

1. Stop shopping!
That sounds pretty drastic, especially for a fashion blogger, but it's not quite as terrible as it sounds. My husband and I are going to Japan in May for our belated honeymoon, and I want to have as much spending money as possible for the trip. If I just keep reminding myself how much I'll save on shipping costs by waiting to buy clothing in Japan, I might be able to pull this one off.

2. Redesign my blog
My domain has been dormant for a while now; I'd like to bring my different blogging efforts under a single banner, including the better stuff from this blog. My goal is to accomplish this by February.

3. Lay off the junk food
I've started to notice that many of my favorite dresses don't fit comfortably any more: they zip up just fine, but they're just a tiny bit tight. I've also noticed that I've gotten in the habit of drinking soda and eating junk food a lot more often than I used to. Hopefully cutting back on the later will fix the former!

So what are your resolutions (if any!) for the new year?

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