Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping resolutions!

One of the problems I'm having with blogging about clothes right now is that I'm trying very hard not to go looking at new stuff that's coming out right now, lest I break my resolution to stop shopping until my Japan trip in May. Logically, I can keep reminding myself that it's the best idea, especially since I'll save enough on shipping and customs fees to get even more goodies, but temptation is everywhere!

Raegan over at Her Curious Elegance dealt with her temptation by drafting up a wish list, but for me, thinking about what I want makes it even harder to hold back. Instead, I'm trying to revisit what I already own, making sure I take the time to love and appreciate the beautiful things that already fill my closet, instead of pining for what I don't yet have.

That said, Meta has gone and re-released their pin-tuck tiered pinnafore dress again:

Le sigh! I know it might seem plain, but this really is among my wish list dresses. All those details are just what I love about lolita fashion: ruffles and pintucks and buttons and bows, oh my! I'm only spared an impulse purchase by my last shreds of willpower, and my uncertainty about that crepe fabric - they normally make this dress in cotton or gaberdine, and I'm not sure the sheen on this release works with the style.

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  1. I was having this exact same problem. Being a personal style blogger always comes with the fear of looking outmoded. This year I really want to start building my dream wardrobe, by investing in quality pieces that will stand the test of time, but I need a considerable amount of savings for it.

    So I went on a shopping ban last November to end on 30th April of this year. But the internet makes it quite difficult to not to come across beautiful things that want to you buy them.

    So there I was making extensive wish lists...leaving me ever so desperate and almost on the verge of breaking the pledge I had made infront of all my readers.

    So I have calculated the price of all the items I am planning to purchase this year, season by season. And I would not look at any web shops, search for them...before I have that money saved.

    Say I want a mulberry bag, that roughly costs 1000 dollars.....I won't even look at Mulberry bags before I have that much money saved. When I do, I'll reevaluate if I really need it or still want it and then go get it.

    That was a lot of words....but I could really feel your I thought I'll respond back. Hope it helps.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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