Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kuranosuke Stripe JSK

Like many other lolita fashionistas, I am currently making grabby hands in the direction of Alice & the Pirate's newest reserve dress, the Kuranosuke Stripe Jumper Skirt:

*Swoon* It's a Burton-loving gothic lolita's dream come true! I even adore the little bustle on the back, although it is a bit more narrow that really suits the fabric and design. That said, it's not as if I don't already own a fair bit of striped clothing, and the design is plain enough that I could replicate it fairly easily - in fact, one of my very first lolita dresses involved stripes:

(yes, yes, it's rather low-cut for a lolita dress. This was 2002, the wild west of the loli fashion frontier, and we did all kinds of crazy things)

It's up for reserve now, with a January release date. The price isn't too crazy, for AatP, and I'm curious to see how this does both with initial sales and the resale market. It reminds me strongly of Atelier Pierrot, the Japanese brand I most associate with black & white stripes (they've released a number of items over the years with this theme, including a piece currently in their sale section).


  1. OMG, totally random, but I used to have that picture of you saved in my Lolita folder XD

    I hope you don't think that's creepy XD I just really liked that dress. I still do actually, it's super cute looking.

  2. Ha! No, I definitely take it as a compliment, and not creepy at all :)

    I really liked that dress too, so much that I wore it to death! It was actually two pieces, and I made a long skirt of the same fabric, so I could wear it cute or elegant, depending on my mood :)